The Food Systems Countdown Initiative is led by Jessica Fanzo of Columbia University, Lawrence Haddad of the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN), Jose Rosero Moncayo of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), and Mario Herrero of Cornell University. Kate Schneider leads the data team and coordination together with several Johns Hopkins graduate students. The Initiative involves dozens of collaborators from nearly as many organizations from almost all continents. This project has been funded to date by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands.


Working Group

Diets, Nutrition, & Health

Working Group

Environment, Natural Resources, & Production

Working Group

Livelihoods, Poverty, & Equity

Working Group


Working Group


Data & Analysis Team

Current Students

Destan Aytekin, School of Public Health
Deviana Dewi, School of Advanced International Studies


Dania Orta-Aleman, 2021
Marissa Silverberg, 2021-2022
Shijin “Austin” Wei, 2021-2022
Zhongyun “Bella” Zhang, 2022
Michael di Girolamo, 2022-2023
Lais Miachon, 2022-2023

Other Contributors

Rebecca McLaren, GAIN
Alexa Bellows, University of Edinburgh
Tyler J. Frazier, Oakridge National Laboratory
Chiara Gnetti, FAO
Sharada Keats, GAIN
Catrin Kissick, GAIN
Hernán Muñoz, FAO
Evans Nyamoto Nyang Oa, GAIN
Charlotte Pedersen, GAIN
Catia Pedro, GAIN
Naina Qayyum, GAIN
Kimberley Sullivan, FAO